8 May 2016

BleakV2 Devlog One - Camera

It's been a fair while since anything's been posted about BLEAK, and that's partly down to the fact that as a University project, it's been handed in and everything has begun to come to a close.

However I'm not resting on my laurels, instead I'm rebuilding Bleak to make better use of the things I've learnt whilst making Version 1.

Biggest change? No more UnityScript.

A full list of intended changes will be coming soon, as well as a download link for the 'completed' Version 1, once I've worked out the legalities of releasing something made with an Educational License.

Above is the state that Version 2  is at as of right now, nothing much at all other than basic camera functionality, including camera rotation and movement. Next up is zoom, and from there I break ground on recreating building placement.