22 April 2016

Devlog 22-4-16

Long overdue Devlog, but I've been busy.

 here's the new look opening scene, I'm still experimenting with the building layouts, hoping to break up all of that blue. There's more off screen that's shown later because the camera continuously rotates.

those amongst you with eagle eyes and a ban from the Zoo might have spotted that 'QUICKSTART' has been replaced with 'NEW SANDBOX' It's a whole separate game mode that allows you to build away with almost every asset in the game, free from the concerns of products, population etc. Also pictured is the new Notification system, with more examples at the bottom of this post.

All the academic buildings have been modelled and textured, and ground's been broken on the Prisoner buildings too! whoop whoop!

And here's the promised dump of Notifications, a healthy mix of relevant and comical.