10 April 2016

Bleak Devlog 9-4-15

Hey all.

Sorry it's been so sparse lately, had a break for Easter then took a bit longer than expected to get back into the swing of things.

First off, some bad news D:

Bleak's hand-in deadline is in three weeks. That doesn't mean no more Bleak, but probably less for sure.

But brace yourself for crunch time, thing's are about to go down :D

Here's what's been added and changed in the past week:
Some more work's gone into the overall look, tweaking the colour correction and re-enabling HDR really seems to make it pop.

Bunch more building's have been added as finished models, with everything else being filled in as temporary greyboxes. From left to right we have; Endgame Academic housing, Rocketfuel cracker, Midgame Academic Housing and the Chemical research Lab.

The old 1x1 solar panel was just too useful as a spacefiller, so it's been replaced with this bigger tower setup.

context-sensitive warning messages if there's something wrong when placing a building. Current criteria include:

  • not enough materials
  • not enough population
  • Colliding with something
  • Not enough money

And some more attention's been given to the tooltips on the more important UI. It's a work in progress for sure as I work out the best wording for things. Prisoners are certainly worth more than just saying THIS IS.