19 February 2016

Bleak Devlog 20 - 2 - 2016

Well, since it's probably passed midnight by the time I've finished writing this out, it'll be the 20th's Devlog.

Sorry for the utter radio silence since the 9th, I've been floored by a cold for most of this week.

Here's what's changed:

There's now and optional gridline layer that's toggled by pressing the G key. This, along with most of the changes made this week are from a feedback session from the Director of Design at Supermassive Games, who gave me some very concise and thoughtful feedback

Next up is this:
The top right UI segments have tooltips when you hover over them which are somewhat context sensitive. This is being rolled out across the UI as a whole, and will eventually be available on every relevant UI element.

Finally, a minor change, but the cursor's been changed to this: