22 February 2016

Devlog - 22 - 2 -2016

Another set of small changes this week, it's mostly sounds, which admittedly is hard to show in this media. The entrance scene has a helicopter sound effect, and the addition of a faux-rotor on the bottom of the screen.

Next up, in between the map selection screen and the main scene is this loading screen, to negate the loading time of the larger scene
 And finally, building tool tips are slowly being implemented.

19 February 2016

Bleak Devlog 20 - 2 - 2016

Well, since it's probably passed midnight by the time I've finished writing this out, it'll be the 20th's Devlog.

Sorry for the utter radio silence since the 9th, I've been floored by a cold for most of this week.

Here's what's changed:

There's now and optional gridline layer that's toggled by pressing the G key. This, along with most of the changes made this week are from a feedback session from the Director of Design at Supermassive Games, who gave me some very concise and thoughtful feedback

Next up is this:
The top right UI segments have tooltips when you hover over them which are somewhat context sensitive. This is being rolled out across the UI as a whole, and will eventually be available on every relevant UI element.

Finally, a minor change, but the cursor's been changed to this:

9 February 2016

Devlog 09 - 02 - 2016

So recently I've been readdressing the UI within BLEAK. Built up over time, it's inconsistent and kinda bad looking. The first GIF is the first three scenes as they were, followed by as they are now. Readability's better, it's easier to follow, and it's in line with the rest of the UI within the game. 

Additionally, there's possibility of hinting at world building, there's a space for a description for both the companies hinted at, and the places. What happened in the Plymouth Flux State? What's up with Heisen Inc?

Only time will tell

3 February 2016

Devlog 3-2-2016

Nothing much tangible has changed within Bleak, partly due to the fact that this week not only has my dissertation hand in, but the vast majority of the course staff are away in Berlin for Transmediale.

I've been working on a sort of progression system, which involves the buttons for building creation being initially disabled and re-enabled on the fly. I'm happy with the effect on the buttons icon, which reduces the objects opacity whilst the buttons disabled, and brings it back up to full when it's enabled. The only thing I think I need to change is how the transition is called. Currently it's an if statement within Function OnGUI. Next up is changing the button if it's enabled, and hasn't been clicked before. this will also need to be connected to the row of quick access buttons on the row above, so that players know to navigate to other tabs.

Also on the usability front is this faction selection screen, which was described as being hard to follow. Here's it's replacement as it stands. It's a little easier to follow and also has the benefit of using the new UI guidelines