19 October 2015

Devlog 19/10/2015

Sorry for the lack of an update last week. Small bits of additions and iterations here and there since then, and I didn't feel that the state the game was in last week was enough of an update to warrant posting.

So what's changed?

I've ditched the free-placement nature of the game. Everything now sits on a 10m x 10m grid. This was down to user feedback, saying that without more intricate systems in place, the lack of finesse would be irritating. Also added is a Minimap, as seen in bottom left. Moving the camera through clicking on the map is a feature I would like, but I'm not sure is entirely needed.

Population buildings now drain food resources, it's balanced so that it's 1:1 in terms of production to consumption, but that slowly raises Discontent (the tiny red face at the bottom left). Depending on balance, it might get bumped up so that one farm can support two buildings.

Shadows got fixed, they're now much more solid and have a much higher draw distance. If this proves to be a big performance hit, I'll have another look at it and readjust.

The terrace got remodelled, which can be viewed here

Next up for remodelling is the farm, which is going to look more recognisable once it's done, as well as have a larger footprint.

And for the longer term is this, which is a hastily written flowchart for an alternate way of placing buildings, which might remove some issues that currently exist in the game.

Anyone got any critiques, comments, cash payments?