9 October 2015

Bleak Devlog 9-10-15

This GIF isn't uploading to Blogger at all, so here's a link to it.

Not a lot to show off this week, it's mostly been a case of writing design documents and Art Bibles. I'm pitching BLEAK to my University course staff next Monday, and after that I can really knuckle down and get mechanics implemented and working.

Right now though here's what's been done this week. The camera's been replaced with an Orthographic camera, which will need a lot of tweaking to look better, but I feel adds a much better look to the game, and lets people get a hell of a lot closer to the models.

Also being shown is the expansions to the building production system. It's slowly going to be expanded upon with more and more buildings. Currently implemented is the Basic food production (The small blue-tarped building) and the Building Component factory (the big white placeholder) These both have purposes as production buildings. Next up is giving the tenement building a use, and wiring that back into the other buildings.