29 September 2015

Bleak Devlog 29/09/2015

This project isn't dead, I swear

Now that’s got your attention, let’s get down to it.

Updates stopped for about two months, and there’s a reason for this. I Uni late august and before and after then I was either packing up or settling back down. Now I’m back and working on this four days a week because this is my third year project as well as a passion project.

Since work redoubled on this, the following things have happened:

Bleak’s Game Design Document hit both two thousand words and ten pages. Still relatively detail-light but writing’s still ongoing.

I fixed a nasty camera issue that had been confounding me for a number of weeks.

I consolidated the manufacturing and truck demos together, and fixed the building placement issue. Next up is adding building colliders to stop people overlapping buildings on top of each other

I also started throwing together more concepts for UI. It’s not going to really go any further than this until I do the visuals after Christmas, but it’s always good to keep ideas flowing.

And I’m going to start doing some spotlights on the separate population groups, what they do, and how you win using them. This’ll start tomorrow, with the normal, run-of-the-mill Worker.