21 July 2015

Bleak Devlog 20/07/2015

It's been a fair while since I've done one of these, but not because I've been slacking.


First thing is this, which I realise looks like nothing in particular at all. At the time I intended it to be the start of a modular Fence model. The animation being an example of how I envision building construction to look like in BLEAK. Other games have gone for the realistic 'scaffolding goes up and the building's slowly constructed' and whilst it works, it's usually quite benign visually, and kinda boring. The inspiration for this sort of fluid, unfolding is the game Offworld Trading Company has intricate, detailed animations for its buildings, shown here. I'm also of a mind to try something like this because animating in this style seems relatively easy, and it's another string to my bow.

Second is this, a test of both the Day/Night cycle, how the Land rover 109 inspired vehicle deals with being controlled as a Navmesh Agent, and how the individual component handle the games Timespeed being adjusted. Apart from a few things that might need working out, everything seems to work fine with adjusted speeds.
This is an animation test of a building. All the animations as of yet that are implemented are done within Unity through scripting.

A closeup of the building in question, a Protein Farm, the backbone of any food-producing colony. Where the protein comes from? Watch Snowpiercer.

Finally, showing off an RTS camera I shamelessly stole from the Unity Forums. I'll work with it, add a few features I need, but mostly this is exactly what I need.
And that concludes the GIF portion of this Devlog. Now here's a bunch of images.
 Left, a terribly Gamma'd render of the finalised version of the Sci-Fi 109, in-unity on the right.

Left, the in-progress version of a building that will feature heavily in BLEAK, the Panoptic Nexus. Currently the Nexus is a carbon copy of the BT tower, but later iterations will tweak and adjust the design

Left, the Protein rack object, and the storage barrel taken from within Maya, Right is the Storage Barrel rendered in Unity.

Work in progress 109 heavy haulage variant, knocked out from model to in-unity in a day, even including a horrible crash to desktop thanks to Maya.

A variant I was toying around with of the 109, which I think would fill the same niche that the Sinclair C5 would have had.

The heavy haulage 109 in unity, shown in both day and night lighting. The underside lighting on the night scene was a side effect of how I was creating the Day/Night cycle, which has since been fixed.

A screenshot from Unity, showing a Terrace building model, the two variants on the 109, a place holder person model, and the storage barrel. This was to gauge if the visual style of the game was working at this early stage. Minor tweaks were made to the albedo colour of the Terrace, and I've noted the accidental uptake of a colour scheme that strongly features contrasting orange and blue.