25 June 2015

Bleak Devlog 24/06/2015

After much huffing and sulking and silently screaming into a mug of tea, I managed to plumb together two scripts (technically) and now trade prices automatically adjusts depending on the number of production buildings in the game world. There's some cleaning up to be done, such as moving it from Function Update to a less intensive function, as well as possibly just using the value kept in the ProductionManager. There's a train of thought that justifies merging the two scripts, but I'll cross that bridge when it comes to actually start production, instead of just planning all of this in prototype code. No point in taking GIF's of the actual game scene just yet, it's just green cubes popping into existence on a grotesquely shiny plane. Actual in-game work will come later once more of the framework's in place.

I was also going to show the start of a style guide, but work can't begin on that until I find my copy of Lowry and the painting of Modern Life. The works of L.S. Lowry, to me perfectly marry gritty subject matter with a stylised, simplified look.

Artist: L.S. Lowry 1887-1976, Date: 1955, Industrial Landscape

The washed out simplistic design of the buildings and features of Lowry's body of work would suit a low-poly style, in my opinion.

23 June 2015

Bleak Devlog 23/06/2015

Not a lot of work's gone on for this project and that's squarely on my shoulders.
That being said I've done some things behind the scene, I'm writing up something to show people to explain the art style, for when the time comes that I rope in other people.

Okay, so here goes.

A demonstration of the second piece of code written for the project. A simple two lines that calculates a unit price for a resource, by comparing supply and demand of that resource. It's more than a little simplistic as of right now, later iterations will be linked to specific game objects being present in the scene.

A mockup to demonstrate an idea for the games logo slash title screen. The game will heavily involve creating buildings and the idea to show the title as building lights makes some sense.

An in progress model to demonstrate the particular look for the game I'm going for. Rugged and bulky, with dated 60's - 90's styling with the occasional sci-fi detail thrown in for good measure. Similar to that of Wolfenstein: The New Order.

A mock-up of the games title screen, to help visualise the concept and eventually sell the idea to other people.

 In a similar vein to the above mockup- this is a mockup of the map selection screen. Even at this stage I realise that what I'll be able to produce won't be the full extent of the idea so it'll be reined in at this stage. The full extent of the game would have procedurally generated terrains and maps based on where the player selected on the map, but ultimately the delivered project will likely only have one map.

The worlds of Robocop, Alien etc all have the multinational conglomerates, and Bleak will be no different. Containing a mix of references, parodies and unique companies, the businesses of Bleak will be cynical and gritty.

Personal Works

Two of the things I've made recently. Top should be instantly recognisable as Luke Skywalkers Lightsaber. The second piece is a 3D version of something I designed as part of a concept homework in the first year. Both were made in a day each, in Maya 2016 and rendered in Mentalray.