12 May 2015

60 model challenge | Day 2&3 | IKEA Wardrobe and Concrete Texture

Working on my modelling skills and texturing with these two days. Intent was to texture the wardrobe, though during the process I uncovered an awkward issue with Maya that made editing UV's impossible. This has since been remedied.

Moving on, I decided to get some PBR experience under my belt and make a concrete texture. I realise that such practices are probably going to wane after the uptake of software like Substance Painter, Ddo, 3D-Coat et al, however I feel that in order to better understand how the workflow functions is to make a few textures myself.

10 May 2015

60 model challenge | Day One | Bin

Shoring up my knowledge of modelling by making sixty small assets in sixty days. First up is this Bin. 622 polys, two textures which could be reduced to one, however due to a long-standing issue with Maya and ATI cards, UV Mapping is beyond my capabilities as of right now. Also my first serious foray into PBR workflows.