23 March 2015

Worldbuilding 3 Finale.

Came into Uni at the early, early time of 10am. (Well, it's early for a student) Spent the whole morning finishing this off for the hand in the afternoon.

Spent the beginning of the morning building the truck bed, the front of the cabin and the roof. At this point the roof was tentatively done, the truck bed was finished and the front was melting like a Salvador Dali watch.

Later on, the front was less melty and more angular. And I'd added a wheel to the side for period-apt decoration.

Added the relevant colours to the truck bed, and at this point I noticed that the red material was much, much to reflective. Dialed it down and did some test renders, which won't be shown for reasons known only to me.

 Eventually finished, and here's the finished renders I'm submitting

Ever think that some people park too close?

1920's pigeonview

 I'm sure this is a staple of car photography, maybe not for 1920's pick up trucks though?
Showin' off that spare wheel.

At this point I realised that duplicating is a thing, so I could show both sides at the same time.

Still looks like a car when it's in green, which is nice.

This is either that scene in Star Wars, when you see the massive ranks of Storm Troopers, or just Rush Hour in 1920's New York.

...A surprisingly barren and Shiny New York.