23 March 2015

Worldbuilding 3 Finale.

Came into Uni at the early, early time of 10am. (Well, it's early for a student) Spent the whole morning finishing this off for the hand in the afternoon.

Spent the beginning of the morning building the truck bed, the front of the cabin and the roof. At this point the roof was tentatively done, the truck bed was finished and the front was melting like a Salvador Dali watch.

Later on, the front was less melty and more angular. And I'd added a wheel to the side for period-apt decoration.

Added the relevant colours to the truck bed, and at this point I noticed that the red material was much, much to reflective. Dialed it down and did some test renders, which won't be shown for reasons known only to me.

 Eventually finished, and here's the finished renders I'm submitting

Ever think that some people park too close?

1920's pigeonview

 I'm sure this is a staple of car photography, maybe not for 1920's pick up trucks though?
Showin' off that spare wheel.

At this point I realised that duplicating is a thing, so I could show both sides at the same time.

Still looks like a car when it's in green, which is nice.

This is either that scene in Star Wars, when you see the massive ranks of Storm Troopers, or just Rush Hour in 1920's New York.

...A surprisingly barren and Shiny New York.

18 March 2015

Wednesday 18th March

Mixed bag of work today. Mostly spent finishing block texturing and UV'ing Druggus Flybane, then onto a moving cloud system for the flying arena.

Finally a minor bit of work on my Worldbuilding project. Mirrored the cab half and bridged between them to start work on the cabin.

17 March 2015

Games Mechanic - Druggus Flybane.

Finally finished UV'ing this character for the second time. Five sheets in total, that number being discussed with other members of my group.

Worldbuilding - Part Whatever .

Small amount of work today. Made a probably overly-detailed ford embelem, and tweaked transparencies to get the above look on the glass light covers. Will have to go back and lower the profile of the mesh itself.

Also as is probably apparent I added some temporary colour materials. These will slowly be updated as the model progresses, having values tweaked and changed as I go along.

16 March 2015

Worldbuilding - Running out of titles here...

 Some small pieces of work done, most of today was spent exploring the material options, and the effect it has on the render. I was trying to get a shint, semi-transparent material for when I do the glass parts of the windows and light covers, but it didn't quite work out. Shininess was accomplished, but not transparency.

14 March 2015

Bleak Devlog 14/03/2015

Not a very big addition today, but an important one never-the-less. Looking into unity's TimeScale led to me cracking this, which is adjusting the simulation speed on demand. UI is placeholder, and the issue of it incorrectly stating that the game was paused will be fixed in the next iteration.

A change in game ethos has led me to revise down the importance of the people in Bleak's gameworld. As such the detailed hunger system will be scrapped and replaced with a system closer to that of Anno's population group based system.

but for right now, Red Pegman can bob on forever.

11 March 2015

Wednesday Morning

Reasonably productive morning, created a falling leaves particle system, finished texturing the airship, and did some more work on the leaf textures.

Druggus Flybane

Plugging away at UV'ing this bugger. Nearing the end, all that's left is the torso and arms. Things are starting to come together.

9 March 2015

Worldbuilding - WIP renders

Why do in-program screenshots when MentalRay can do this?

Oh Dang.

Things are getting close to finishing. Well, technically at least. Still got the pickup bay and the cabin to do, which is going to be a tricky set of options. Then materials.

8 March 2015

Bleak Devlog 08/03/2015

Time for something different.

Broke ground on a personal project.

I'm going to be working on this game through the summer, with the intent of using it as a stepping stone for my Final Project in my third year.

Right now, there's less than a little.

There's two boxes as test assets for buildings, and a little red headbobbing thing that looks like Google Map's PegMan. He's got a hunger counter that goes down by one every second through InvokeRepeating. 

This project is also going to be a vessel for me to learn the in's and out's of PBR shaders, C# scripting and putting together an ambitious Pitch Packet.

Devlog's will be whenever I can devote the time before summer, ideally weekly once summer begins.

3 March 2015

Worldbuilding 3

Still plugging away on this. Starting to really feel like I'm getting the hang of subdivision surfaces, but time will tell if that's true or not, especially come the interim review at the end of the month.

2 March 2015

Games Mechanic Environments.

Texturing two in game environments. The Red Flughaus (top) and the Hub (bottom)
Makes heavy use of tiling textures. As working on the Unity build has seemingly been stripped from me, there are no suitable in engine screenshots available to me.

Worldbuilding - Model B

Some early screencaps of the production of this high-poly asset. I've been making heavy use of Maya's subdivision surface modelling.