19 February 2015


Preliminary texturing of the Druggus Enemy. Will need to create some more detail pieces and place in and around the model.

18 February 2015

Stardestroyer finishing.

Starfield texture for a skybox, used in my demo for my Star Destroyer.

 The three texture maps used for the side of the model, Diffuse, illumination and normals

Dummy Model

modeled and UV'd this training dummy model.

Worldbuilding 3

The intent for this project. Colour scheme for this was taken from Omerta: City of Gangsters UI

The model as is, as this project is not to create a game ready asset, poly count is not a limitation, nor is making sure that the model is properly quadded. To this end I am making heavy use of Maya's subdivision surface modelling.

4 February 2015

World Building final-ish stretch

Very close to the end now, all that is left model wise is the rear engines, added the bank of turrets on either side, which have barrels that can rotate up and down. Poly count and model topology are frankly a mess. It got to a point a while back I probably should've spend the time and sorted out the topology, but instead I chose to work into it further and I'm not sure if it's in a suitably usable state. The model is about 8k polygons on the last count. This is comfortably within the 2-30k limit imposed, however I'm not sure it's the most efficient usage.

Games Mechanic - Asset creation.

 Today was spent unwrapping and texturing this wooden anvil model. Will be a small item used on the large version of the hub map. Used as a selectable model for the Titan Forge, an available arena.

Main draw for this asset is that all the textures are hand painted.

2 February 2015

Games Mechanic Enemy Spawning.

#pragma strict

//initial copy taken from Unity Learning resources @ 'http://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/projects/survival-shooter/more-enemies'

var enemy : GameObject;                // The enemy prefab to be spawned.
var spawnTime : float = 1f;            // How long between each spawn.
var spawnPoints : Transform[];         // An array of the spawn points this enemy can spawn from.

public var minnumber : int = 1;
public var maxnumber : int = 10; 
public var enemynumber : int = 0;
var enemycount : int = 0;

function Start ()
    // Call the Spawn function after a delay of the spawnTime and then continue to call after the same amount of time.
    InvokeRepeating ("EnemySpawn", spawnTime, spawnTime);
    enemynumber = (Random.Range (minnumber, maxnumber));

function EnemySpawn ()

// Find a random index between zero and one less than the number of spawn points.
   var spawnPointIndex  = (Random.Range (0, spawnPoints.Length));
if (enemycount < enemynumber)
       // Create an instance of the enemy prefab at the randomly selected spawn point's position and rotation.
    Instantiate (enemy, spawnPoints[spawnPointIndex].position, spawnPoints[spawnPointIndex].rotation);

Work today was primarily on this, a script to handle spawning enemies in the arenas. Can be expanded upon later as needs be. But as is of right now it works by picking a number at random between 1-10, and in x number of seconds spawns that number of enemies at one of four positions chosen at random.

Worldbuilding Modelling Part Five(?)

Home stretch now in terms of modelling. All that I have left is some minor additions to the underside, the engines at the rear and some additional 'lips' on the upper portion.

Then I move onto texturing and UV unwraps.