16 January 2015

World Building - January 16th

After finding a very comprehensive album of a person's attempt at a scratchbuild Star Destroyer, I used it as a reference to start drawing out ideas for how this model will fit together. The bridge is a curious part of the design, as it will be the only place on the ship with a dedicated texture map due to its specific place and nature.

To maintain consistency the texture used to make the bridge will be produced in the same way as the texture on the tiling maps, possibly even utilising elements of the tiling maps to further consistency.

To increase my library of references, I made a VLC playlist of the three original Star Wars films, and skipped through to find all the sequences containing them, and took screenshots.

Top Row, third on the left is a screencap of the Death Star's surface, but as the aesthetic is same across the two it is still useful for texture references.