22 January 2015

Games Mechanic concepts

One of the enemy types on the list of possible enemies was named Box O' Rats. As this seems somewhat simple and something that is literally just a box of rats seems somewhat generic, I took it as a personal side project to work on when I was taking a break from the numbingness of scripting. As I wanted to err away from a crate full of rats, I designed this, which whilst is a crate of rats, wold work somewhat different in gameplay, instead moving around the player rapidly like a chariot. This is added to by the inclusion of a rat in stylised greek hoplite armour.

After the enemy types were signed off, I needed another side project to work on outside of scripting. As such I took on the role of making as many weapon and armorsets as possible. Whilst it's a long time away from being needed, a large library of possible concepts when the time comes will be useful. In this current Work In Progress, I am attempting to create one basic weapon and two spin offs using the basic weapon shape and style.