18 January 2015

World Buildin Final Submission

Final piece for World building  assigenment #1 Fifteen minutes to render the weapon and then a weeks worth of evenings painting over the render.

Pleased with the design and the fluff I came up with it. Silhouette is boxy and imposing, if a little simplistic. Colours are solid, using a diluted form of blue / orange contrast to bring out details.

The name Primator was a spin on the term Decimator, since Decimation is the removal of one-tenth, Primation would be the removal of all. This train of thought could lead it to possibly sound rather imposing. However the 'Primat' part is phonetically similar to 'Primate', hence the tagline 'It's got nothing to do with monkeys.' Whilst I did ponder rethinking the name, the fact that people are more likely to think of Monkeys than an obscure faux-Latin phrase lends to the atmosphere I was trying to achieve. The weapon is a farce, much too bulky and excessive for a realistic setting, and the name giving off vibes of having been dreamt up via committee only lends to this

In the event of Blogger shrinking down the image, click here for a full sized version.