10 November 2014


Worldbuilding #1 Silhouettes
Having done these fifteen silhouettes, I decided to dissect the design and list the pros and cons of each design
  1. Minimalistic design, looks generic though
  2. Details and form, however it stems from my go to Sci-Fi aesthetic, not reaching too far.
  3. Aesthetic and concept, maybe looks too ad-hoc
  4. Shape and form is interesting, looks like an angry Duck
  5. Size and scale are interesting, looks cluttered and ad-hoc
  6. Circular main body is interesting but leads to dissonant shapes in the form
  7. length and details, could be a little generic
  8. Concept and overall design is interesting, but maybe needs more work.
  9. interesting aesthetic choice, but not very noticeable
  10. notion of including a backpack is novel, but still looks too ad-hoc
  11. simple blocky shapes, but silhouette is a little bland
  12. sound idea and design, but not very interesting silhouette
  13. size and layout, but purpose is hard to notice
  14. interesting idea, maybe too simplistic
  15. split body, maybe too stocky.
From these. I’m going to draft an idea that I will follow for my continued work on this brief.
The design I use should incorporate simple and distinct shapes to reate a weapon of suitable size and scale that treats the concept and overall chosen aesthetic well, care should be taken to ensure that the silhouette of the final design is interesting visually whilst making the weapons purpose and use clear. Finally it should look purpose built and not too cluttered and ad-hoc.