6 November 2014

Worldbuilding Task 1: Vehicle or Weapon Concept

  • Intent
  • Minimum of 5 Thumbnail Sketches / Silhouettes
  • Minimum of 15 Studies,can include Mechanical studies
  • Minimum of 5 Variations
  • Model Sheet
  • Final Design

For this project, I am aiming for 150 - 200% on quantity of deliverables.


Formative Assessment - 08-12-2014
Final Deadline - 24-04-2015


To start, I produced a mind map of all the weapon types that came to mind, having decided prior that I wouldn’t be producing a Vehicle. The category I ended up choosing is that of a heavy weapon, a la Miniguns, Autocannon’s etc.

To narrow down the concept, I have decided to take the already existing notion of a heavy firearm, and exaggerate it, to produce something conceptually that is incredibly over the top and excessive. The initial inspiration is the weapon wielded by this character I designed. The notion of a single minigun being insufficient, and only being resolved by the addition of more, is the exact ideal I want to present.


“The Decimator,

The Deci-

Wait no, how generic is that? The Primator, The weapon of choice when you absolutely, definitely, beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt need to kill every last person in the room, and maybe the rooms on all sides as well.”

The Primator was designed for a Third Person MMOFPS to be released on PC.