15 December 2014

Personal Projects - Trace Libra

After coming back home for Christmas, I managed to find an old sketch pad with some written ideas for game concepts. None of them were particularly in depth or detailed, often just being settings and organisation ideas. The most in depth one was an organisation named Trace Libra. The name was straight up taken from a random name generator and expanded upon from there.

The Trace part of the name infers subtlety, whereas Libra being Latin for scale not only  has connotations with balance but also with escalation in aspects such as a musical scale. 

Having looked at the name itself, the links to subtlety means that more than likely this organisation would be clandestine in it's actions. This then immediately makes me think of the X-COM group from the titular games. The X-COM Group being an international institution means that if Trace Libra were to go in the same direction, it would open up more avenues for customisation or story line.

This would then lead to the question as to what this organisation would do. Most in depth properties play to common themes such as the fear of the unknown or the fear of change etc. Another avenue would be current affairs and scandals, such as the rise of surveillance and the erosion of privacy. Something similar in concept to the Fraternity from the film Wanted, as a nationless order that roots out corruption could be an interesting concept.

Other ideas included Reconnaissance amd Counter Intelligence, which isn't really a suitable idea unless set in a 'new cold war' or suchlike. Then I began to think about them being a Spec-Ops force which would make little sense to have them as a multinational unless they were a mercenary group. To avoid objection and conflict, the foes faced would probably either have to be ambiguously ethnic or non-human to avoid any complaints of being racially-driven. The problem with non-human foes is that it can easily draw comparisons with X-COM

At this point I returned to the idea of X-COM and the idea of the group being high-tech but simultaneously also being at a disadvantage. One idea from this I pondered was to have Trace Libra as a counter force for super heroes/villains. This has its risks, as people generally don't have the emotive connections to new characters, and it would possibly work better with licensed Marvel / DC characters, which come with their own limitations and stipulations. However I think it's a novel, unique sounding premise. This could then lead to a focus less on the killing of such superheroes etc, but instead of capture and detainment, especially as the vehicle of the distrust of super powered characters could be an analogy for cultural racism.  

With a general concept down I began to explore the setting further, with examples such as the late cold war or an alternate timeline, such as Superman: Red Son, the golden age of comics (40's to 50's aesthetic) which would be interesting, but maybe somewhat generic, to the 'twenty minutes into the future' worlds of the Avengers and that of Batman Beyond.

9 December 2014

Scripting II

After reading that all scripts should be posted in full, I have decided to return to the scripts I produced for this group project, and post them verbatim here as text, instead of screenshots. I make no promises that this is the fastest, cleanest or most efficient way To achieve what I set out to do, but it makes sense to me and it works.

Scripting after the break,

Games Mechanic Raft Assets

These three textured assets are to be used on the level as objects that the player has to find in order to assemble a raft so they can escape the flooded city. They are as follows -

- A vandalised UN Aid barrel, the player will have to find numerous barrels to ensure their raft floats properly.

- A spool of cable, to attach objects together

- A large metal grid, which will form the main body of the raft.

All of these assets are fully textured with bump mapping.

8 December 2014

Sketches Page Four

After my formative assessment for this brief, it was brought up that the jump from my sketches to my variations is a little jarring, so I assembled this page to showcase the steps taken to go from the flat design on the third sketch page, to the isometric full-colour version on the variations page.


Following on from my dressing up of my intent, I produced this to explain my palette choices on my model sheet and eventual final piece. 

Intent II

For my Formative assessment, I decided to add some flare to my hand-in by making this small format image for my Intent. Whilst it could do with some small adjustments here and there to make it look a little better and more in depth, it will do for now.

Worldbuilding Supplemental Sketches

These three sets of sketches are from an early stage in the concept, used to flesh out some details and forms. The bottom left was a comparison between over and under shoulder formats, I ended up deciding on overshoulder as the underslung format was too simplistic and had too many removed elements, even if it was more realistic.

Top Right was an ergonomic assessment of the design I had produced, in order to further refine the design and shapes used in the concept.

Bottom right is the evolution of an idea for a rotating foregrip, progressing from an initial design that looked too utilitarian and barebones WWII-esque. This progressed from the same design using sharp angles and triangles, to trimmed down versions, and a design that was a 90ᵒ hoop.

7 December 2014

Worldbuilding Model Sheet WIP

This is a snip taken from the work-in-progress Model Sheet. The formative assessment for this unit is Monday the eighth. Ideally I would have already finished this and at least started the final concept piece. However I have decided to devote the Christmas holiday to producing the final piece and writing my first semester essay.

I chose this specific part of the document, sans notes and annotations to showcase the detail I am going to. the use of guides to place items in the correct place is one way I am trying to ensure that my model sheet is precise.

I am considering filling in the designs with block colours to further differentiate items on the sheet since as is, it's a little hard to work out the specific parts on different views.

4 December 2014

Worldbuilding Pre Model Sheet Notes

After putting some thought into the design I added in some extra details and height variants, I consider this to be the finalised design. Instead of posting this as a blank lineart, I decided to mix it up and add in some extra details to make it look like a blueprint. After this, I shall produce the model sheet for the design.

3 December 2014

Worldbuilding Reflections.

After a discussion with my course lead, which led to some issues with the design being raised such as the flatness of the design and the perspective used. This has led to me to reconsider the design as is. I think before I produce a model sheet I will have to return to the design and add in some further details, I will not produce another set of sketches or designs for the additions and tweaks I am going to do, instead they will be added straight onto the model sheet view of the weapon, with annotations describing the change and the purpose for it.

2 December 2014

Rooftop Project assets

Games Mechanic
Four textured assets for this group project. 
- Metal pole, will be used in the raft and scenery decorations
- Metal girder, which will also be used in a similar fashion
- Background apartment building
- Shower Curtain, which will be used in the raft as a sail
All apart from the building have both texture and bump mapping

1 December 2014

Worldbuilding Variations


Eight of three minimum variations on my weapon design. Lots of different aesthetic ideas, turning the rather plain and dull initial design into numerous different things. I think the final outcome will be some sort of amalgam of the more military designs,

30 November 2014



The final of three sketch sheets for this brief. The design I am putting together is starting to really come together. At this point I started considering the Ergonomics and additional flare.

25 November 2014

Worldbuilding Sketches Page Two

Worldbuilding Sketches Page Two

Taking the designand continuing to iterate on it, addressing problem areas as they arise.

24 November 2014

Worldbuilding - Sketches

Worldbuilding - Sketches

Fleshing out the weapon idea using an isometric version and real-life examples of technology. The idea I am pursuing is still over the top, but visually reined in, less cartoony and more believable, similar in design to the original Borderlands aesthetic.

21 November 2014

Wouldbuilding - SubSurface Modelling

This session was to introduce us to the process of high-poly subsurface modelling. The technique was interesting and relatively easy to use. I will certainly be using this technique for my highpoly model assignment.


Whilst I initially was not confident in my skills in using unityscript in my first year, after finding SpeedTutor on youtube, and following his tutorials my competence in the subject certainly increased.
  •  This script is an in-progress script to handle the item collection and raft assembly. The next part of the script I need to add will be something to load a new scene as an end screen
  • This script is to apply a headbobbing effect to the main camera.
  • image
    This is a script for applying a floating effect to objects that have a rigidbody component
  • This script is for an effect wherein if the player looks at an object more than ten metres below them, it pulls the camera back to simulate vertigo.
  • This is not the entire script, but a section of my player script that facilitates numerous things, such as fall damage, scene fade-in-and-out and respawning.

Games Mechanic #1


The associated photos are grabs from the Unity Project my group is assembling. I have been tasked with the scripting of the project, moving on to assembling in Unity and modelling / Texturing in Maya. 
The first image is the greybox, with checkerboard texture applied to map out possible problem areas in the greybox.
The second image is a modelled fire escape, which I modelled in Maya then tested out in Unity.
Third is a barrel which I modelled to show off the floating script I produced. This will also be used as scenery in the level
Switching from Maya to 3DSMax has been a trouble, but I have taken to the software faster after having more tuition in the software

18 November 2014

Weapon Sketches

Worldbuilding #1
Having looked at the silhouettes I produced, I chose my five favourites and worked into them a little more. These are all still very low detail, but I am starting to feel a cohesive idea coming together.

10 November 2014


Worldbuilding #1 Silhouettes
Having done these fifteen silhouettes, I decided to dissect the design and list the pros and cons of each design
  1. Minimalistic design, looks generic though
  2. Details and form, however it stems from my go to Sci-Fi aesthetic, not reaching too far.
  3. Aesthetic and concept, maybe looks too ad-hoc
  4. Shape and form is interesting, looks like an angry Duck
  5. Size and scale are interesting, looks cluttered and ad-hoc
  6. Circular main body is interesting but leads to dissonant shapes in the form
  7. length and details, could be a little generic
  8. Concept and overall design is interesting, but maybe needs more work.
  9. interesting aesthetic choice, but not very noticeable
  10. notion of including a backpack is novel, but still looks too ad-hoc
  11. simple blocky shapes, but silhouette is a little bland
  12. sound idea and design, but not very interesting silhouette
  13. size and layout, but purpose is hard to notice
  14. interesting idea, maybe too simplistic
  15. split body, maybe too stocky.
From these. I’m going to draft an idea that I will follow for my continued work on this brief.
The design I use should incorporate simple and distinct shapes to reate a weapon of suitable size and scale that treats the concept and overall chosen aesthetic well, care should be taken to ensure that the silhouette of the final design is interesting visually whilst making the weapons purpose and use clear. Finally it should look purpose built and not too cluttered and ad-hoc.

6 November 2014

Worldbuilding Task 1: Vehicle or Weapon Concept

  • Intent
  • Minimum of 5 Thumbnail Sketches / Silhouettes
  • Minimum of 15 Studies,can include Mechanical studies
  • Minimum of 5 Variations
  • Model Sheet
  • Final Design

For this project, I am aiming for 150 - 200% on quantity of deliverables.


Formative Assessment - 08-12-2014
Final Deadline - 24-04-2015


To start, I produced a mind map of all the weapon types that came to mind, having decided prior that I wouldn’t be producing a Vehicle. The category I ended up choosing is that of a heavy weapon, a la Miniguns, Autocannon’s etc.

To narrow down the concept, I have decided to take the already existing notion of a heavy firearm, and exaggerate it, to produce something conceptually that is incredibly over the top and excessive. The initial inspiration is the weapon wielded by this character I designed. The notion of a single minigun being insufficient, and only being resolved by the addition of more, is the exact ideal I want to present.


“The Decimator,

The Deci-

Wait no, how generic is that? The Primator, The weapon of choice when you absolutely, definitely, beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt need to kill every last person in the room, and maybe the rooms on all sides as well.”

The Primator was designed for a Third Person MMOFPS to be released on PC.